Filipino-Style Wedding Dress and Fashion Sense

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just that I'm not used to seeing men in dark suits in weddings during my day. But I still think the Filipino Barong Tagalog still beats the best wedding attire for men in weddings. Again, that's just me.

In today's wedding, everyone looked very formal. You could say the wedding party spent much on the wedding gowns, dresses for the ladies and tailor-fit suits for the men.

But "very formal" may not be my best description. Maybe it should be "very formal AND SOMBER".

Wedding Suits: Men in Black

All the gentlemen in today's wedding wore black suits - all of them. The kids didn't have the jacket (or top) but instead had a formal black vest over a white long-sleeved shirt. In my opinion, the kids looked far better than the gents! I suppose the visible white shirts brought much brightness to an otherwise drab and gloomy atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong, the inside of our parish church isn't dark at all. It isn't one of those old churches with few overhead arching windows and a big wooden entrance door at the front. Our church is quite airy with plenty of glass-stained windows and huge clear glass sliding doors on both sides. It's very well kept and very bright.

In my own humble opinion, the Barong Tagalog with matching corsages to blend with the motif, is still the best wedding attire for men. The Filipino Barong Tagalog, in the classic lines and color, looks festive and brightens up any formal occasion - especially weddings.

Wedding Dresses: Lone Filipiniana

The bride was wearing an all-white gown, of course. The ladies in the entourage, both Primary and Secondary sponsors, including the Maid of Honor, were wearing a shade of light brown as motif. They had off the shoulder gowns with a shawl. They all seemed to have the same exact shade, which was lovely.

What stood out, however, was the gown of the bride's mom. She was wearing a terno - the gown with butterfly sleeves. It, being Filipiniana, did not match any of the the other wedding dresses and suits.

The other gowns were quite suitable for the wedding. If someone in the entourage is assigned as a mass reader, it is best that they have a shawl. At our parish church, off-the-shoulder gowns are considered improper attire for wedding mass readers.

Ring Bearer Not Bearing the Ring

I suppose it is now the trend. The Ring Bearer that you see in the wedding may not be bringing the rings anymore.

There is a part in the marriage ceremony for the blessing of the arrhae, bible and rings. Here, I announce that the arrhae, bible and ring bearers bring their "wares" to the front of the priest.

Both arrhae and bible bearers stood up to approach the priest. It was the Best Man, however, who brought the rings, still in a box, to the priest. I thought this as odd though and probably just didn't notice it happening too in other weddings where I was commentator.

Did the Ring Bearer actually bring the rings on his pillow while walking in the procession? I don't know. I do understand that the pair of rings may have cost a fortune. The couple, or whoever's in-charge, probably deemed the Best Man to safeguard the box of rings until it was time for the blessing and exchange of wedding rings.