A Litte Information About Deacons

Right after the Homily at church service today, I had the opportunity to chat a little bit with Sis. Nellie. She was asking about the newly ordained Deacon who delivered the Homily.

I know the guy since he was just recently ordained as a Transitional Deacon, meaning, he will be pursuing the priesthood. Generally, ordination for priesthood occurs around December in our parish and so he may be a candidate at that time.

Somehow, Sis. Nellie's questions led me to believe that we, as lectors and commentators have so much to learn about the Catholic Church's organization and members. But I don't blame her. We as lectors, are not trained on these matters. Fortunately, I have my brother Eron to share with me his knowledge.
Since the deacon delivered the Homily, Sis. Nellie asked if his name ought to be announced as well, just like the priest. I said no, because there is really only one mass celebrant and that is the person who's name we announce when we take on the commentator role.

I clarified to her that as Transistional Deacons, they are preparing and training for the regular functions of an ordained priest. They can read the Gospel and deliver the Homily. They could also officiate the Baptismal rites. I learned this when I was still a commentator for baptism.

Deacons and the Gospel Book

I remember when I was a bit new. I was the first lector and so will be carrying the Gospel Book at the procession. Before the procession commenced, then deacon, Fr. Palmer stood in front of me and asked for the Gospel Book.

I wasn't sure why, but I gave it to him just the same. I learned from Eron, that the Deacon usually carried the Gospel Book. In his absence, the lector could do it.

Here's the deacon with a red stole carrying the Gospel Book over his head at the start of the procession.

Upon reaching the altar, we as lectors, set the Gospel Book standing on the altar with the front facing the congregation. It wasn't this way before because there was no stand previously and we just laid the Gospel Book on top of the altar.

Here the deacon sets the Gospel Book on the altar.

But as lectors, that's as far as what we can do with the Gospel Book in the Holy Mass. The deacon could read the Gospel and then deliver the Homily as agreed with the priest.

The only time we as lectors touch the Gospel Book is when we return it to the sacristy after the mass, together with the Lectionary and the Missalette.

Transistional and Permanent Deacons

There is really so much that I still don't know. But I guess that doesn't really matter much for as long as we're doing what we're told to do.

I didn't even know before that there were Permanent Deacons and that married men can actually become deacons. But as clerics, they follow what the bishop will ask them to do to serve the diocese. And they couldn't remarry if the wife dies.