How to End the Wedding Mass as Commentator

When does the wedding mass end? Well, just like with the regular masses, it ends when the priest says "The mass is ended, go in peace..." or something similar. The congregation responds with "Thanks be to God!". Usually, the priest asks the groom to kiss the bride, much to the delight of the attendees, of course. Sometimes there is no wedding kiss for the bride and groom.

Based on the church's wedding mass program, there's nothing more expected from the commentator. It's like something zaps and the commentator disappears.

And basically, that's what other commentators do, they quietly disappear into the sacristy.

Instruction to the Maid-of-Honor

Actually, there's more that will happen after the mass is ended. The officiating priest will immediately call for the couple to go to the altar for the signing of the marriage contract.

To reinforce that announcement, I call out the Maid-of-Honor to assist the bride. Some brides have heavy gowns with long wedding gown trains and may have difficulty going up the altar.

In the past, the signing of the contract by the couple was made at the wedding couple's kneeler. Parents and godparents signed it also at their kneelers. Nowadays, at least in our church, the couple signs the marriage contract at the altar.

Closing Remarks of the Commentator

At this point, I also give a quick announcement, "Please all be seated as we shall now have the signing of the marriage contract. This will be followed by the pictorials, and then the recessional. Thank you everyone and have a pleasant day."

The closing remarks does a few things. It reminds the congregation that the wedding mass is truly over and what else to expect. Actually, some would still be wondering "what's next" at this point. So the purpose of the commentator's closing remarks is just that - to announce the end.

Exit from the Wedding Mass

After the closing remarks, I exit to the sacristy. Oftentimes, before I do that, I'm approached by someone from the wedding coordinator team or photography crew. I've been asked the following questions:

  • "Would you be announcing and calling out for the pictorial session?" - No.
  • "Is this (commentator's lectern) where the calling out for photos will be done?" - Yes.
  • "Is the microphone still on?" - Yes.
  • "Can I do it now?" - Yes.

Typically, the officiating priest lingers a bit so he can join the pictorials. But one priest in our church immediately leaves after his work is done at the wedding.

Exit from the Sacristy

Going out from the sacristy, I thank the mother-butlers or lector who worked with me. I also look for and thank the volunteer mass readers I oriented for the readings.

Lastly, I wait a little to check if the photo-shoot announcer was actually calling out the pictorials from the commentator's lectern and not at the ambo. It's an improper use of the ambo to give announcements from there, and so I direct him to transfer to the lectern.

My work is done, I say a little prayer, and then I go home.