Plans to Resolve Wedding Committee Issues

As far as I can see, there's none. At least there's none, thus far.

It all started early this year when the group head, Bro. Orlando called for a meeting among the lectors and commentators who volunteer for roles in the church weddings. All those involved voiced out their opinions on issues that seem to plague the weddings.

Naturally, I brought out my own issues. Eron himself knows about these issues and could attest to the ineffeciencies in the office.

Bro. Orlando, however, determined that there isn't much that he could do as he deemed that authoritiy on issues such as these rest with the parish priest. He may be right because the functions involved cross group boundaries.

But the parish priest usually seems to be out of sight. He's pretty much busier attending socials like dinners with friends in Chinese restaurants.

Can Lectors be Paid for their Time and Effort?

This question was raised by Bro. Jeff two months after the above meeting. The wedding committee is now lacking members and there is shortage of lectors who will take on the weddings.

Most lectors work and those who don't just can't put in the time to volunteer. Bro. Orlando, as I expected, would have none of this question or suggestion by Bro. Jeff. I sort of anticipated the answer already, like everybody else, that lectors are not to be compensated.

The only ones that do get paid on weekly church weddings are the choir members. Even the priests get paid. Even the inefficient clerks get paid. Unfair? Maybe so, but as is usually the case with the church, "it is what it is". End of story.

Since I no longer see any concrete actions to resolve the wedding issues, I told my brother Eron that I'm quitting the committee. Eron relayed the message to the committee members.

No End in Sight to Wedding Issues

Two months later, the committee still limps due to the lack of volunteers. Even the parish priest who was supposed to help resolve the issues is still unavailable. The guy is still young and full of energy that he'd rather join out-of-town trips, usually in beach resorts, with the young church workers.

I just wonder if the wedding issues that have been discussed are serious enough to merit attention. It certainly does not appear that way, in my own opinion. Maybe it will get attention when some top honcho visiting priest discovers and complains how bad our practices are.

Relax, Enjoy and Forget About It

Or maybe I'm not even reading all of these right. Maybe I"m at fault and it's just me over-reacting. Since those in "authority" are not, or appear to be not at all concerned, maybe I shouldn't be too concerned either. Why worry when everyone's enjoying a glass of beer or two at the local pubs?

As for me, I'm lying low for a while. It's still a wait-and-see as far as I'm concerned.