Camera-Mounted Drone for Wedding Photography

It's Fr. Raul once again officiating this afternoon's wedding mass.

Five minutes before the scheduled wedding mass, the mother-butlers were already worried. Less than half of the wedding entourage has arrived. One mother-butler approached me to announce a warning to the wedding attendees, particularly the wedding entourage. I immediately knew what she meant.

Latecomers at the Church Wedding

At the commentator lectern I announced that the wedding mass will start in a few seconds, on time as scheduled, and that the wedding attendees be settled down. I added that those standing at the doors be ready for the processional.

The male sponsors, knowing that the entourage was still incomplete, were just content happy with their banter near the church doors. They were there not to form the procession line but to be ready, just in case. You'd think they were in a party of some sort merrily joking with each other.

Mass Reader Still at the Hotel

Around 15 minutes earlier, I met with the wedding coordinator. I was dismayed to find out that none of the couple's mass readers were there. When asked where the mass readers are, she said "still at the hotel".

I reminded her that weddings in our church start on time. And that if the wedding couple has mass readers, then the mass readers be present at the church 15 minutes before the wedding mass. Better tell her that, I thought, just in case she coordinates future weddings in the church.

Before leaving, I said that if a reader arrives before the time, have him or her go to me for the orientation. Quietly, but firmly, I told her that the wedding will start exactly at the scheduled time, READY OR NOT READY.

Fortunately, after 10 minutes, a young gentleman came to me. He went straight to the sanctuary (where I was) which is strictly a no-no. Strictly speaking, only lay ministers are allowed at the sanctuary. He introduced himself as a mass reader for the Second Reading. I convinced him to just read the First Reading and the Responsorial Psalm and proceeded with the brief orientation. The priests don't care for the Second Reading in wedding masses.

Wedding Starts On Time

At the exact time, Fr. Raul showed up at the other end of the sacristy. That's usually his cue to the commentator to start. I no longer have much compassion for the late entourage to delay my introduction for the wedding processional. Fr. Raul has my back covered, anyway. That's because he himself will make sure the wedding starts on time.

When I gave the introduction and asked the congregation to rise for the processional, a handful of around 5 guests stood up. Then the priest waived frantically at the choir to start with the processional music. The choir, incidentally, was composed of nuns!

The music played but no one was marching. This prompted the officiating priest to admonish the entourage on the microphone to proceed with the march immediately. Whatever was in the entourage had no choice but to start walking. That's how the priest makes sure the wedding starts and ends on time.

(See Part 2 for the continuation of this article)