Two Back-to-Back Weddings in One Afternoon - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

Actually, I found it odd that he was calling for the pictorials. This is really the job of someone in the photography crew. In past weddings, the photography crew knew exactly where to call out for these pictorials. It is at the commentator's lectern and never at the ambo.

Second Wedding Mass

The first wedding mass started at 2 pm while the second wedding mass started at 4 pm. What happens in between (around 3 pm to 4 pm) is the pictorials of the first wedding and the preparations of the second wedding.

The dividing lines of these activities often blur which sometimes lead to a first wedding abusing the time allotted to them and continue their pictorials until someone complains. This is usually from the succeeding wedding entourage. Even the mother-butlers complain because they still have to change the wedding flowers, aisle bows and decor to match the motif, etc.

Calling Security to Intervene

For the two weddings in the afternoon, the transition wasn't clear and the first wedding took their own sweet time with the pictorials. Past 3:30 pm, I saw the church security guard near where the photo-op session was taking place. I went over to them and learned from the mother-butlers that he was already asking the first wedding party to leave.

Obviously, nobody was listening to the poor security guard nor to the mother-butlers. So I approached the bride and groom and firmly told them that there is a second scheduled wedding and that their time is up. Maybe it's because I look like a priest because the couple asked everyone to start leaving.

At a distance, I could see those from the second entourage frowning. Well, they could've asked the mother-butlers to remind the first wedding party of the second scheduled wedding. This is actually easy to do on the commentator lectern's microphone.

Mad Rush for the Second Wedding Preparation

With the first wedding party out, there was a mad scramble to prepare the church decor for the second wedding. If I only knew how much time the preparation required for the second wedding, I could've booted the first wedding party out much earlier.

I was a bit sad and sorry for the second wedding party because they were tripping on each other just to get the flowers and the aisle linen bows in place. Even the ones at the church entrance doors had difficulty putting up curtains.

At around 5 minutes to 4 pm, I could already see the officiating priest at the corner of my eye. He has the habit of showing up exactly on time or earlier than the time scheduled at the other end of the sacristy. I don't know if his watch is set too early, but it isn't synchronized with those of the church's clocks.

Clearly, the second wedding party was not yet prepared and so I simply ignored him and pretended that I didn't see him.

But my charade wouldn't last. At 2 minutes before the time, one mother-butler motioned to me that the priest was already calling my attention. As I turned my head to the end of the sacristy, the angry priest was frantically signalling me to start.

And so I did. I proceeded to deliver the introduction on the microphone for the wedding processional to begin. Those who were still setting up the aisle decor just gave up and quit.

Teddy Bears Used in the Wedding

There was nothing much else remarkable about the wedding processional other than a couple of teddy bears I spotted. A couple of boys in the wedding entourage were carrying a teddy bear each. Ordinarily, the boys bearing the wedding rings and wedding arrhae would have these laid or set on small pillows. Apparently, someone had the idea of replacing pillows with the teddy bears.

The arms teddy bears were formed to make them appear like the teddy bears were holding the wedding rings and wedding arrhae. Others probably found it cute if the wedding rings and the wedding arrhae were presented that way. I assume though that the officiating wedding priest really didn't care.