Moving the Choir from the Loft - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

So I looked around and examined the surroundings for what could be the reason why the acoustics inside the church has changed. The only obvious change was the transfer of the church choir and their instruments.

Another change, not visible to many, are the wires and cables running on the floor of the sanctuary. The choir's microphones and instruments certainly had audio cables. Because of their transfer, these instruments needed new audio ports and sockets.

Unfortunately, the only available audio ports for the choir's new location are located at strategic points in the sanctuary. These are at the base of the lectern, ambo and the altar.

I hope this is an ordinary setup. In the previous location of the choir at the choir loft, they had all the ports and sockets they could possibly need for their instruments and devices. I'd hate to see church workers tripping over those wires at the sanctuary.

Re-positioned Loudspeaker

Then I noticed that the loudspeaker above the choir that was mounted on the wall has shifted. All loudspeakers on the walls of the church are all oriented supposedly toward the center and middle of the church so everyone inside is able to hear.

Well this one loudspeaker above the newly-relocated choir which happens to be the closest to the commentator is now oriented towards the back, away from the choir and facing the assembly.

Feedback on the Sound System after Mass

Naturally, after the mass, I wanted to know more. I asked the choir members, and they too said that Fr. Jolly's speech during the homily wasn't clear enough. Also, the choir members were not aware that the loudspeaker above them has been shifted to face away from them.

I pointed the loudspeaker to one of the lay ministers and he promised to look into it as well as the volume setting of the sound system.

At the succeeding mass where I also served, this lay minister said that he raised the volume a bit. I suppose it helped, but the speech sounds over the sound system as received by the commentator weren't as clear as they were before.

Reason for the Loudspeaker Shift

It was only a week later, in a meeting, did I discover the reason for the shift in the loudspeaker's position. Fr. Jolly told me that a church hand changed the position of the loudspeaker.

This happened when they they tested the newly transferred instruments and microphones the week before in the new location. I believe someone raised the volume settings so high that it produced feedback (acoustic distortion) from the loudspeaker close to the choir.

Because of this, they asked one church hand to re-position the loudspeaker.

Anyway, after my embarrassment and my ensuing complaint, Fr. Jolly had the devices retested and found that at normal to lower volume levels, there was no feedback coming from the loudspeaker.

Compliment on the Nice Voice

All was well, and I felt much better when Fr. Jolly complimented that I had a nice voice - and that was in front of the other lectors. He is a new priest in our church and I suppose he liked my speaking (not singing) voice when I was the commentator at his mass.

I specifically say "speaking" and not "singing" voice because, had he heard me sing the psalm verses, I'll bet he would've felt otherwise.

Later, one of the other lectors asked if I was a radio DJ before. I said no, although it's been a dream of mine to actually become one.