Sloppy Wedding Attire and Fashion for Men

Maybe you've seen them, or maybe not. But I've seen enough to want to write about them. I know, the word "sloppy" is quite subjective. Perhaps anything that isn't conservative or traditional might be branded as sloppy for some individuals, me included.

Why is it Always the Men?

Yes, why? And why is it that the ladies are always well-dressed? If it isn't stunningly beautiful long gowns, then I would see at least nice and decent dresses with fashionable ladies shoes. But whether it is the proper dress for a wedding mass reader is an entirely different matter.

The point is, the ladies seem to care and prepare more for the conservative wedding fashion that values good grooming. Surely, you can never go wrong with that for a wedding.

Many men, unfortunately, would rather go for the usual "what-I-feel-like-wearing fashion". Such is the case in today's wedding. The photo above isn't from the today's wedding, by the way. The photo is simply meant to illustrate the contrast of wedding fashion between ladies and the gentlemen.

Bro Fist Bumps and Other Coolness

In some weddings nowadays, there seems to be some kind of a requisite "coolness" factor when the male sponsors and groomsmen come strutting in at the wedding processional. Some would be marching in with the entourage holding cellphones in their ears, while some would be texting while walking.

When the groom marched to the front, his shirt was hanging out underneath his jacket, much like the guys in the photo below, and was wearing sneakers!

Gosh, I thought the photography crew were better dressed than the men (except the primary sponsors) in the wedding entourage, groom included. But hey, to each his own, right?

Something more noticeable though is when they meet the groom in front. See, it's the groom first in the wedding procession. He would be waiting in front near the altar while the others are processing towards the pews.

When the groomsmen met with the groom in front, they greeted each other with a bro-fist bump gesture and a matching shoulder-bump semi-hug with a quick slap-on-the-back. It's probably the kind you'd see fratmen do when they meet in the college hallway.

I suppose the "high-fives" are no longer fashionable these days. Or how about a simple yet firm and heartfelt handshake?

Proper Wedding Decorum for the Groom

Imagine my surprise though when the couple faced the altar, the groom was actually chewing gum. Hmmm. Since the priest had mostly his eyes on the wedding guide he was reading, he probably didn't notice.

I wonder what the gum was for? For fresher breath when he and the bride kiss? Wouldn't a hard menthol candy suffice? How about mints? Or maybe he thinks chewing gum would look good on the wedding video.

Whatever it was, it just seems to me that wedding decorum has long changed (evolved?) from the days of old.