Wedding String Quartet at the Choir Loft

There was nothing out of the ordinary that caught my eye in today's wedding. Well, except for one thing. There was a 4-piece string orchestra at the choir loft!

Ordinarily, we'd only have our regular choir up there to sing the liturgical songs. Since they were up there, I assumed they would do the mass songs as well. The mother-butler even asked me to signal them for them to play.

I said I couldn't. I'm not in the music ministry and it was the music ministry's role to ensure that whoever assumes the choir role should know the liturgical songs. At that moment, I already had my hands full orienting the mass readers.

It was much later that I was relieved when I saw Ryan, our choir leader, up there. At least that guy would be able to guide the quartet.

Last Minute Replacement for Mass Readers

This is what I hate when the wedding couple promise to provide their mass readers. It is when their selected mass readers don't show up earlier than the rest of the entourage.

When I asked about the wedding mass readers, the wedding coordinator could only say "I already did my part in reminding them to come early." Well, Miss WC (wedding coordinator), that's not enough is it? Who's responsibility is it that the selected mass readers are prepared to do their part?

Sensing I was getting impatient, the wedding coordinator pulled out a couple of bridesmaids who had no roles in the wedding so they could be last minute replacements for the designated mass readers. I thanked the wedding coordinator and proceeded to orient the two bridesmaids.

It was also a good thing that the two bridesmaids were able to borrow a shawl from one of the sponsors. I asked one of them to find one, saying some priests are rather strict about improper attire for mass readers in weddings.

Church Choir Still Rules

I must admit, I was impressed with the presence and playing of the string quartet. I concluded the wedding couple must have spent so much for their wedding.

But, honestly, I couldn't figure out why there was a need to put a string quartet at the loft. One of our choirs came to the church anyway. I suppose the choir had to come because like what the mother butler said, the quartet didn't play liturgical songs.

The choir leader gave the quartet the signal to play during the processional. They did so, beautifully. For aural impact, the standard recording that the parish plays (Pachelbel's Canon in D) still sounds better. That's my own opinion, of course.

Right after the opening prayer of the officiating priest, the members of the quartet were already packing their bags. So there was nothing else to play, I assumed.

Actually, it was the first time for me to see someone bring a cello. The cello was in a soft case like those for guitars and had straps. The petite lady cello player slung it over her back just like a back pack. That instrument must be a bit hefty to bring up the choir loft using the spiral staircase.