Priest on Hoverboard Video Scandal Goes Viral - Part 2

(This is the continuation of Part 1)

  1. Those who insist it's not a hoverboard, but a hovertrax or segway or something.

    These people miss the point and are simply adamant about correcting everyone who call it hoverboard.

  2. Those who think the hoverboard is actually a tool for transportation. And that priest may have weak knees and needs one to move around.

    First, the priest can actually walk. He isn't an invalid. So, walking for him is fine, like all priests do. Second, it takes more muscles and coordination to actually balance and ride the hoverboard than walk. So why bring up the argument about the priest needing it to move around? Weak knees?

    What if he lost balance and fell? Won't that just attract more unncecessary attention? Bring embarrassment to himself? Make a BIGGER spectacle out of himself?

    Now a bicycle IS a tool for transportation. How do you feel if a priest uses a bike or motorcycle to move around inside the church? The hoverboard is more of a TOY, like a skateboard, than a means for transportation.

    Let's turn it around. If it's okay for the priest to move around with a hoverboard, can the churchgoers do the same? Can we move around the church in one, like ride in one to receive Holy Communion? How about bring gifts in the offertory procession riding in one?

  3. Those who think that technology and gadgets like microphones, sound system, electronic keyboards/organs should be removed also - if a hoverboard (technology bringing convenience) is not allowed.

    Again, the hoverboard IS A TOY. The Holy Scriptures (Gospel and Readings) are treated with respect. With technology, tablets, laptops and other gadgets could actually replace them - if the purpose is only for reading. Do you really think the present church would allow that?

  4. Those who think that it is really just the message what's important - no matter how it's delivered.

    The entertainment number is a song! Some people even use this song for a funeral procession. It was delivered before the final blessing. What message are they talking about?

  5. Those who think the entertainment number was after the mass.

    Some people are just ignorant or confused. To them, BEFORE the final blessing means, the mass is ALMOST over - and by that, the mass IS over. Well, until the priest says "The mass is ended, go in peace..." or something similar, the mass is NOT YET OVER.

    These same people sadly insist that even after the Diocese investigated and gave the statement.

  6. Those who think the movie "Sister Act" is an good example of being creative in mass.

    People, Sister Act is a movie! If you saw Jurassic Park, would you believe dinosaurs are among us?

  7. Those who think many of the churchgoers appreciated his gesture - which is good, they say.

    Applause was appreciation for the attempt at entertainment, nothing else. This, by the way, is not allowed in the rubrics of the Holy Mass - meaning the gesture at entertainment was done in BAD taste.

  8. Others who have irrelevant things to say like the church should be rather be investigated for pedophilia, luxury cars, wealth, etc. Those who think that "those holier cast the first stone, blah blah blah". Those who ask for bible verses that say hoverboards are bad.

    Yes, just too irrelevant - and downright stupid. People, the priest has admitted his mistake and apologized. MOVE ON !!!