Better Voice Projection and Modulation - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

So I discovered that speaking in a low modulated voice, but closer to the microphone, allows me to speak much much longer than before. I wasn't accustomed to modulating my voice before and instead used my "head voice". I always thought that using my head voice made my speech clearer to the congregation - just like, I assumed, in a normal conversation.

Let the Microphone be your Friend

I finally realized that the microphone is there at the lectern precisely to amplify my voice. I didn't need to worry that because I spoke on a low voice, I wouldn't be heard. So let the microphone work for you.

I simply adjusted the volume of my modulated voice as needed. I say "as needed" because the microphone at the ambo has a higher sensitivity.

In fact, it is so sensitive that syllables starting with consonant "b" and "p" would typically result in popping sounds. So in that microphone at the ambo, I'm careful to speak in a softer voice compared to that of the commentator's and also minimized the strong pronunciation of the popping consonants.

Initial Reaction to my Voice Modulation

Most of the feedback I've received so far is good. But then I'm a bit wary of generally positive comments. If the comments are a bit more specific, then I would appreciate those more. By specific, I mean how do you describe the voice? Warm? Soothing? Comforting?

Of course those are nice comments to hear. But the real bottomline is, was the proclamation of the readings clear? If it wasn't, then all those nice comments defeat the purpose.

One not-so-positive comment from a co-lector was specific. Bro. Leroy has heard me speak at the ambo and lectern a few times. He tried to mimic how spoke. It was an exaggerated modulated voice that sounded like a cross between Yogi Bear and Scooby-Doo. Terrible.

I didn't let that bother me though. No, much of the other comments especially from a few mother-butlers were positively tame. One co-lector, Bro. Jeremy actually called it "golden voice" in a meeting, but I suppose he was just teasing. After a Holy Mass, Sis. Mindy approached me at the commentator's lectern and said it was pleasing.

Voice Improvement after Two Years

Two years after that voice-modulation experiment, I'm still modulating my voice and it has become second nature to me. Every time I'm at the lectern or ambo, my voice automatically switches to "modulation" mode only. On day-to-day conversations, I try to modulate my voice so it becomes as natural as possible.

At the church, a few co-lectors would occasionally give positive feedback. Sis.Lorna and a mother-butler met me after the Holy Mass to say they liked the way I delivered the announcements after communion. At a wedding mass, a mother-butler positively commented how it sounds like a TV narrator's.

That Radio Announcer Voice

One of the common remarks is likening my voice as that of a radio announcer's. One of the brother-seminarians assisting the priest at the altar once came to me after the mass. He asked if I worked at a local radio/TV station as an announcer because, apparently, that was what he thought.

A recent conversation with Bro. John went like this:

Bro.John: You sound like a radio announcer.
Me: What do you mean? Does it sound bad?
Bro.John: Oh, no. It actually sounds good. It's awesome ("hanep") voice projection.
Bro.John: One of my friends even describes it as badass ("astig")!
Me: You mean like an AM broadcaster?
Bro.John: No, not those annoying AM announcers. But like those radio announcers on the FM band.
Me: Ah, like an FM Deejay? Really? Thanks. At least I don't sound like Mike Enriquez.